Wild Boar Shoulder with Chestnuts, Sugar Pumpkin, and Porcini

I’ve been intrigued by wild boar for years now, dreaming of joining some Italian noble on their annual hunt through the foothills of Tuscany in search of the mysterious, elusive, and ultimately delicious cinghiali.

Forebearer to our domesticated hogs, wild boar still thrive throughout Europe, Hawaii, California, and the South. Much of the boar available to restaurants is “raised” on immense game reserves in Texas, free ranging and living wild until time for harvest. Boar meat tends to be lean, but rich and deep in flavor. Often I’ll look to the cuisines of France, Italy, and Eastern Europe when deciding how to prepare wild boar for Lark. This recipe is rich with the flavors of autumn and is worthy of bringing a special bottle of wine up from the cellar, a deep amarone or a favorite Chateau Neuf de Pape.